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What Motivated “Boy Things blogs” Actually

Ever wondered where our childhood passions disappear as we start growing older and get into the life we never dreamt of living? A life full of hustle, always competing at the back of the mind, against one another even when we don’t have the intention to!

Do you even realize that all the pilots and soldiers and players that were meant to be, ten to twenty years back, are actually in today’s time working nine hours a day earning their bread! But is the child in them really dead?

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Yes, maybe, maybe not! But for us at Boy Things blogs its of course far from that. We will be bringing to you stuffs that are sure to take you back to your childhood in a seesaw ride. We will be covering a whole lot of ground, starting from Football to Cricket, from Hotwheels to Sport Cars, from animation to gaming and much more!

Come join us, in our journey to bring out the best that we can, for you.

That being said, now we come to the name that we opted for : Boy Things” ! To be honest girls, the name has nothing to do with sexism as we promise to entertain you as well. 😉

So, for today, That’s All Folks! Posts already in a queue, coming real soon! Stay updated. And don’t forget to like, share and comment!

Your love will make us Strong, and your.. well you know the rest! 😀 Ciya!

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